the MINDX score

The MINDX score measures cognitive abilities and traits, the best predictors of job performance.
This helps companies recruit and develop the best talent.

Our scoring system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide reliable and accurate insights into a candidate's ability to solve (novel) problems in efficient and innovative ways.

The MINDX score is designed to identify high-potential employees at all career stages, regardless of their experience.

how MINDX works

MINDX is a state-of-the-art predictive hiring and talent analytics platform. We empower companies to attract and identify the best candidates, and to develop their top employees.

We have teamed up with psychometric testing experts and data scientists from renowned academic institutions and industry-leading firms.
Our approach is scientific and data-driven.


Problem Solving

How quickly and accurately can the candidate generate the most appropriate solution? What level of complexity can they handle?

Mental Agility

How fast and 'effortlessly' can the candidate adapt to a changing situation? Are they able to think laterally under time constraints?


How long can the candidate stay focused and productive whilst ignoring irrelevant distractions? Are they able to multitask?


Is the candidate able to confidently and efficiently work with numbers and analyze quantitative data?


How well can the candidate retain and process distinct pieces of information? Working memory is closely linked to reasoning and learning.


How strong are the candidate's visualization skills? Can they see with the "mind's eye" to segment problems and generate creative solutions?

how to spot new talents

beyond conventional screening methods

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enterprise platform

The MINDX enterprise platform allows companies to manage the costly and time-consuming process of candidate screening and assessment in a highly efficient way.
Quickly add individual candidates to the platform, import candidate lists (via MS Excel or .csv files) or use the MINDX API for HR system integration.
With a few clicks, you can invite candidates to take an assessment on the free MINDX mobile app.

Employers can easily create and customize new branded assessments for specific job functions, roles or skill sets by combining: Mobile Games, Quizzes, and Assignments.

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